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Spanish Car Brands

Nowadays, Spain's major domestic firm is the Volkswagen Group's subsidiary brand SEAT, S.A.. SEAT is the sole active Spanish brand with a mass production potential and capability of developing its own models in-house.

Let's take a look! Which car brands are on the list.

Spanish Car Brands List

  • 1
    1950-Present SEAT Compact Cars
  • 2
    1889-Present Irizar Bus
  • 3
    2010-Present Tauro Sport Auto Luxury Sports Cars
  • 4
    1994-Present Spania GTA Sports Cars
  • 5
    2007-Present Tramontana Sports Cars
  • 6
    1904-1968 Hispano-Suiza Luxury Cars
  • 7
    1946-1994 Pegaso Commercial Vehicles

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Largest Car Companies

Rank Company Country
*1 Volkswagen logoVolkswagen Germany
*2 Toyota logoToyota Japan
*3 Daimler logoDaimler Germany
*4 Ford logoFord Motor United States
*5 General Motors logoGeneral Motors United States

Largest Tire Manufacturers

Rank Company Country
*1 Bridgestone logoBridgestone Japan
*2 Michelin logoMichelin France
*3 Goodyear logoGoodyear United States
*4 Continental logoContinental Germany
*5 Sumitomo logoSumitomo Japan