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Luxury Car Brands in the World

Owning a luxury car is a symbol of wealth and status. If you're looking for a luxury car brand with the most luxurious high-end cabin you can find, these are the ones you want to consider.

Let's take a look at which luxury car brands have made it to the list.

Ultra-luxury Car Brands

Bentley is the most popular ultra-luxury car brand, followed by Rolls-Royce and Maybach. (* High-end sports cars which are targeted towards performance rather than luxury are not usually classified as ultra-luxury cars.)

  • 1
    United Kingdom Bentley Ultra-luxury Cars
  • 2
    United Kingdom Rolls-Royce Ultra-luxury Cars
  • 3
    Germany Maybach Ultra-luxury Cars
  • 4
    United Kingdom Lagonda Ultra-luxury Cars

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Luxury Supercars

The most luxurious and expensive supercar brands.

  • 1
    France Bugatti Luxury Supercars
  • 2
    Sweden Koenigsegg Luxury Supercars
  • 3
    Sweden SSC North America Luxury Supercars

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Luxury Sports Car Brands

Porsche is the most popular luxury sports car brand. Ferrari is the most popular super luxury sports car brand.

  • 1
    Germany Porsche Luxury Sports Cars
  • 2
    Italy Ferrari Super Luxury Sports Cars
  • 3
    Italy Maserati Super Luxury Sports Cars
  • 4
    United Kingdom Aston Martin Super Luxury Sports Cars
  • 5
    Italy Alfa Romeo Luxury Sports Cars
  • 6
    Italy Lamborghini Super Luxury Sports Cars
  • 7
    United Kingdom McLaren Super Luxury Sports Cars

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Luxury Car Brands

Mercedes-Benz is the most popular luxury car brand. Mercedes-Benz is described by fans as Reliable, Well made, Good quality, Expensive and Luxurious. followed by BMW, Cadillac, and Lexus.

  • 1
    Germany Mercedes-Benz Luxury Vehicles
  • 2
    Germany BMW Luxury Vehicles
  • 3
    United States Cadillac Luxury Vehicles
  • 4
    Japan Lexus Luxury Vehicles
  • 5
    Germany Audi Luxury Vehicles
  • 6
    Sweden Volvo Luxury Vehicles
  • 7
    United Kingdom Jaguar Luxury Vehicles
  • 8
    Japan Acura Luxury Vehicles
  • 9
    United States Lincoln Luxury Vehicles
  • 10
    United Kingdom Land Rover Luxury Sport Utility Vehicles
  • 11
    United States Tesla Luxury Electric Vehicles
  • 12
    United States Chrysler Luxury Vehicles
  • 13
    United States Pontiac Luxury Vehicles
  • 14
    Japan Infiniti Luxury Vehicles
  • 15
    United Kingdom Mini Luxury Small Cars
  • 16
    South Korea Genesis Luxury Vehicles

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Largest Car Companies

Rank Company Country
*1 Volkswagen logoVolkswagen Germany
*2 Toyota logoToyota Japan
*3 Daimler logoDaimler Germany
*4 Ford logoFord Motor United States
*5 General Motors logoGeneral Motors United States

Largest Tire Manufacturers

Rank Company Country
*1 Bridgestone logoBridgestone Japan
*2 Michelin logoMichelin France
*3 Goodyear logoGoodyear United States
*4 Continental logoContinental Germany
*5 Sumitomo logoSumitomo Japan