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Maserati Logo

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IN Car BrandsUpdated January 17, 2022

Maserati logo (black) 1920x1080 HD png

Maserati Logo (Present)
1920x1080 HD png

Maserati Information
Founded Dec 01, 1914
Founder Alfieri Maserati
Headquarters Modena, Italy
Parent Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, NV
Official Site

Maserati is an Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer established on 1 December 1914, in Bologna. The company's headquarters are now in Modena, and its emblem is a trident. It has been owned by the Italian-American car giant Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and FCA's Italian predecessor Fiat S.p.A. since 1993.

Maserati Logo (blue) 1920x1080 HD png

Maserati Logo (blue)
1920x1080 HD png

The Maserati tagline is "Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars", and the brand's mission statement is to "Build ultra-luxury performance automobiles with timeless Italian style, accommodating bespoke interiors, and effortless, signature sounding power".

Maserati Emblem 1920x1080 (HD 1080p Png)

Maserati Emblem
1920x1080 (HD Png)

The trident logo of the Maserati car company is based on the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore. In 1920 one of the Maserati brothers, artist Mario, used this symbol in the logo at the suggestion of family friend Marquis Diego de Sterlich. It was considered particularly appropriate for the sports car company due to fact that Neptune represents strength and vigor; additionally the statue is a characteristic symbol of the company’s original home city.

Maserati Symbol 1920x1080 (HD 1080p Png)

Maserati Symbol
1920x1080 (HD Png)

The Maserati logo comprises of a white trident on a blue background, symbolizing Neptune’s trident at Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore. The tagline, “Excellence through passion”, in uppercase characters is placed below. The Maserati logo was first introduced in 1926 when the brothers produced their first Tipo 26 model.

Maserati logo 640x480

Maserati symbol 640x480

Maserati emblem 640x480

The Maserati logo is among the most popular and instantly recognizable All Car Manufacturer Logos in history. The blue color in the Maserati logo symbolizes its strength, excellence and class, whereas the white color stands for purity and charm of the brand.

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