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Ford Logo

(Png HD, Logo Meaning, Brand Overview)

IN Car BrandsUpdated January 30, 2022

2017-PresentCurrent Ford Logo

Current Ferrari Logo (2017)Download (PNG)

Ford Logo Meaning

Ford logo is a flattened oval figure designed in several shades of blue and white colors. The famous stylish Henry Ford signature is embedded into the oval. The use of blue color in the Ford logo symbolizes strength, excellence and grace of the company, whereas the white color depicts nobility, elegance and purity.

The 2017 version, As with many modern redesigns of logos made to chase today’s trendy aesthetic of a super flat ultra-minimalist style.

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Brand Overview

Founded: 1903

Founder: Henry Ford

Headquarters: Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.

Official Site:

The Ford Motor Company (commonly referred to simply as "Ford") is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand, and most luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. Ford also owns Brazilian SUV manufacturer Troller, an 8% stake in Aston Martin of the United Kingdom and a 32% stake in Jiangling Motors.

As of 2019, Ford Motor Company is the largest American car manufacturer, and one of the world's largest.

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Slogan - "Go Further" and "Built Ford Tough".

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Old Ford Logo

2003-2017Ford Logo

Ferrari Logo (2003)Download (PNG)

Celebrating the company’s 100th anniversary, Ford introduced the latest version of the logo in 2003. The blue color became gradient, while the silver color was replaced with white. The shape of the oval turned more flattened.

1976-2003Ford Logo

Ferrari Logo (1976)Download (PNG)

Starting from 1976, the blue and silver oval became an essential feature of all Ford vehicles. It has become a recognizable symbol of the company, its facilities and products all around the world and turned into one of the most expensive trademarks.

1903The First Ford logo

Ferrari Logo (1903)Download (PNG)

The original Ford logo was very different from the simple, streamlined images used throughout the 20th century. This one was a circle with a fashionable art nouveau border.

1903-2017Ford Logo Evolution

Ford Logo Evolution

The oval shape has been incorporated since 1912 to advertise the Ford brand as the “hallmark for reliability and economy”.

The Ford logo has undergone various modifications throughout the years. Nonetheless, it is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most memorable All Car Manufacturer Logos ever created.

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