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Maya Tutorial: Character Rigging for Production in Maya - Intro and Overview, time: 1:12

In this set of tutorials we will learn about the amazing rigging tools inside of Maya. Software required: Autodesk Maya In this Maya tutorial, we will cover tools and techniques for setting up character rigs in Maya. Software required: Maya In this course, we will cover the tools and techniques for setting up character rigs in 3ds Max. Software required: 3ds Max Transforming Robot Production Pipeline Volume 6: Rigging . Copyright © - Pluralsight LLC. All rights reserved. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Hello, guys, I'm following a digital tutors tutorial, and in some All complex rigs, when examined closely, are lots and lots of simple ideas. I've Checked out both and Intro to Chara Rigging is very basic basic stuff if you check out the character for rigging in production in Digital Tutors Library. Everything thing else in my mesh is pretty much combined as one. -

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